VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Portfolio and offering

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides a consistent, upstream-compatible implementation of Kubernetes, that is tested, signed, and supported by VMware. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid is central to many of the offerings in the VMware Tanzu portfolio.

All of the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid offerings provision and manage the lifecycle of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters. A Tanzu Kubernetes cluster is an opinionated installation of Kubernetes open-source software that is built and supported by VMware.

In all of the offerings, you provision and use Tanzu Kubernetes clusters in a declarative manner that is familiar to Kubernetes operators and developers.

The different Tanzu Kubernetes Grid offerings provision and manage Tanzu Kubernetes clusters on different platforms, in ways that are designed to be as similar as possible, but that are subtly different.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, informally known as TKG, is a multi-cloud Kubernetes footprint that you can run both on-premises in vSphere and in the public cloud on Amazon EC2.

In addition to Kubernetes binaries that are tested, signed, and supported by VMware, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid includes signed and supported versions of open source applications to provide the networking, authentication, ingress control, and logging services that a production Kubernetes environment requires.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus is an add-on to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus provides an extended support matrix of open source applications that is larger than the list of applications that Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides and supports.

If you have Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus, the VMware Tanzu Support team can assist you with setting up this wider range of supported applications. For information about the additional support that VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus provides.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service for vSphere

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service for vSphere, informally known as TKG Service, is a Kubernetes experience that is tightly integrated with vSphere 7.0 and made available with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service runs on Supervisor Clusters in vSphere with Kubernetes to create Kubernetes conformant clusters that have been optimized for vSphere.

VMware Tanzu Mission Control

VMware Tanzu Mission Control, informally known as TMC, provides a hosted Tanzu Kubernetes Grid implementation as a managed service for public cloud environments. Tanzu Mission Control is available through VMware Cloud services.

Tanzu Mission Control provides a centralized management platform for consistently operating and securing your Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications across multiple teams and clouds.

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition, informally known as TKGI, is a Kubernetes-based container solution that is integrated with Cloud Foundry BOSH and Ops Manager. Formerly known as VMware Enterprise PKS, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition allows you to provision, operate, and manage Kubernetes clusters. It provides advanced networking, a private container registry, and lifecycle management, so that you can run and manage containers at scale on private and public clouds.

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